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Dentist needed

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Does anyone know of a dentist who specialises in Lupus patients anywhere in the UK?:( very bad tooth!
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I would imagine that dentists get taught the same amount about lupus as GPs (not a great deal but they have a basic understanding). One of my dentist's exams was on lupus, by chance. They also tend to know about meds in general, so I'd think they were much of a muchness between dentists and their knowledge of lupus.

But you'd be sure to get a dentist with more lupus knowledge if they work in a hospital where a lupus speciality clinic is, like St Thomas' in London. I don't know if you can get to see a hospital dentist, though.

If you want my Canmore Dental Clinic details, PM me. He's in Middlesex.

Good luck.
Hey... a Very specific question but I’m wondering if anyone on here has ever had dental implant surgery done in Victoria? I’m partially done with the process (bone graft done, the implant post is placed) and I need a dentist who can now do the crown and gum training associated with it to make it look aesthetically pleasing...I really want someone who is experienced since I’ll have this smile for the rest of my life. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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