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hi everyone hope you are all well.

i am feeling a lot better as late.

i seen the dermy today who has ran some bloods,when i looked on the request sheet, i noticed ana,cpr,rhumatoid factor. so i assume they are checking for autoimmune again.

although he has ran these test he is quite sure that they will come back normal.

he did say that with the histamine probs that i have a definate immune prob, that it is not surface skin probs as such something more to do with triggering it.

he will send for me when the results are in.

i have read on this site that sometimes if they do find abnormal bloods that they have been told over the phone, is this the case?.

or if i have an appointment through can i assime that thee results has more than likely come back normal.

any ideas appreciated.

many thanks jo8

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Hi Joanne :)

I'm am glad you are feeling a little better of late.

The tests he is running are by no means a complete picture of what might be going on, but obviously checking the ANA again is a very good idea. Do you know if the Rheumy you saw checked your complement levels, or if anyone has for that matter? With the problems you are having it's not beyond the realms of possibility that there is something wrong with your immune system in that respect.

It's impossible to predict what the Derm will do. Some docs ring with abnormal results, others like to discuss it at the follow-up appointment - this seems a better option really because then you can have time for a proper discussion on the abnormalities and what they might mean.

It's encouraging that he will have you back for an appointment regardless of results, at least he is keeping an eye on you.

Take care,

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