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Clare.T;502538 said:
Wecome to the forum ampky ! :)

DHEA is not available in the UK
It is not a disease modifying medicine for treating lupus but an OTC supplement that might be used as an addition to other medications.

It's important to obtain it from a thoroughly reliable source, often a compounding pharmacy where you are guaranteed quality and consistency. As a supplement the FDA has no regulating control over it.

A synthetic version was developed called Aslera or prasterone ('GL171' in the studies) but the FDA demanded further studies before approving it.
I don't know where the approval process has got to at present.
My other half has been reading up on DHEA and would like to try it as a supplement to his other meds. Since we are in the UK, and it is not licenced we cannot obtain any medical advice on taking this. We are looking for a good relaible source. Can anyone advise what they are taking and where they buy this from. How can we make sure that we buy this from a compounding pharmacy?

He's not bothered about the hairgrowing side effects ... in fact he would see this as a positive benefit ;-)
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