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? diabetes anybody

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Earlier this week I discovered glucose on my urine dipstick. This seems at it's most - up to 3 + after eating for a couple of hours. I contacted my lupus specialist at Tommies and they said it's probably steroid related diabetes. I'm to have a glucose tolerance test next week. He did say that most people who have this problem are controlled on diet but that sometimes it gets worse and you need tablets/insulin.

I'm wondering whether anyone has had the same trouble? And how you manage with diet etc? And whether it gets better if you manage to reduce your steroids down. I'm currently on 15mg having had 3 methyl pred pulses within the last month. I've been on steroids continuouly for 4 years now.

Thank you!
Cathy x :)
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Hello Cathy
I am sorry that you have this new trouble and have no personal experience to offer. I have read here of several people who have indeed dealt with their steroid induced diabetes solely through diet
All the very best to you

Hi there Cathy,

I too am sorry to hear that you are having to deal with this along with your lupus. Personally, prednisone works miracles with suppressing my inflammation, but my body hates the drug! The last time I was on prednisone "full time" I managed to gain 80 pounds in just over 18 months! And trust me...I could NOT afford to gain it and it wasn't from overeating!

Long story short...I developed Type II Diabetes. Since dieting wasn't helping (I was already dieting, trying to lose the added weight) my Endocrinologist put me on low dose metformin. This really helped, along with proper foods, to help keep my sugar levels low. It is a safe, well-tested drug. It also has a mild, appetite-suppressing side effect.

However, it wasn't until I lost 25 or so pounds AND came off the prednisone, that the diabetes went away, so to speak. I've been off the diabetes medications now since October, 2007 and the prednisone since before that. At the time, I think I was on 15mg per day. Not too sure.

I hope this helps you. It sure is depressing to keep gaining when you are trying so hard not to! I understand you! You may find it easier to lose (which is a win-win situation all around) if you do go on tablets or follow the diabetes diet. You would be surprised that it's not just sugar that affects your levels! Carbs play a big part...and protein too.

I wish you well and hope you are able to keep things under control. Be sure to listen to your doctor, because diabetes is nothing to ignore. Take care and feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Love, Pollyanna :love2:
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Hi Cathy, :)

I am sorry to read, that you have developed, this condition, as well as having lupus as well.

I was recently diagnosed with type 2. I am controlling the diabetes, with Actos,
..(a tablet). I try to exercise, most days or should say.. at least move around, and watch my sugar intake, as well and carbs, and processed foods..

I can't say mine was induced by the Prednisone, but I am sure that helped, contribute to it developing.

Best Wishes To You,

I go through spells of testing diabetic and can generally get
it down with diet... Glucophage aka. Metformin brings in in
line if diet doesn't... this has been on again off for three years
and deal with it fairly well...

I do miss my potatoes but feel better without :sad:
Hey Cathy! :wavesmile:

I'm sorry to hear about this new development... :( I get high blood sugar when I'm on high doses of oral steroids and/or iv steroids. Basically if I'm on over about 20 mgs of pred I have to be on a diet of sorts to avoid meds for diabetes and so have to cut back on sugar-y fruit (i.e. bananas), use sugar substitutes for coffee and tea, eat regularly throughout the day, avoid high GI foods (i.e. white bread) and measure my glucose levels about twice a day with a home kit.

When on iv steroids though they put me on insulin every time as for me things can't be controlled with diet on the iv stuff and measure glucose levels about 4-6 times a day.

My docs had mentioned that steroid induced diabetes is usually a transient thing and that it frequently goes away when one lowers their steroid dose, but I don't really know if that's always the case and if not when it's not...

I hope the glucose tolerance test goes well and that all things medical start getting better for you very very soon Cathy... In the meantime sending loads and loads of hugs and loads of calorie (and sugar!!) free chocolates your way :grouphug2: :grhug: :goodvibes: :goodvibes:


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I developed Diabetes type II. I wasn't on daily prednisone at the time. I was on meds for awhile & then was able to control it with diet. Fo a time it seemed to go away completely. Then the diabetes came back - again I was not on prednisone. I went on meds for the diabetes - glucophage & others. Later I found out that my diabetes was induced by the antibiotic tequin. Needless to say, I don't take that antibiotic anymore. The diabetes did not go away. Now I am on prednisone (10 mg), so that may be playing a role. I take Januvia & glucophage (metaformen) & my blood sugar is pretty stable.

Diabetes: not yet. As one of my physicians put it so gently:
"You are going to outlives several of your organs." Thyroid was the first; she predicted pancreas might be next.
Don't you just love Lupus?
Hi thanks for all your replies!

It's encouraging to know I'm not 'the only one' though I'm sorry to hear so many of us are having diabetes type problems.

Clare - hi, thanks :)

Polyanna - well done on the weight loss, it is hard after pred isn't it. Good Luck! :)

Sandy - glad you got your diabetes under control and the exercising sounds really good - well done! I think I need to try exercising too, thank you, you've inspired me! :hehe:

Soundy - sorry you've had this up and down diabetes for 3 years, what a pain! And I'm sorry you've had to give up the potatoes! I hope you continue to be able to control it as well as you are. :)

Zoi - Hello! How are you now? Thanks for that - I can see we're a bit similar here . .. I'm just wondering in me why it's not been picked up b4 when I was in hosp on the iv steroids ?!? oh well, I know now! 8)

Sharon - it's all so confusing the way it seems to come and go the diabetes especially on different tablets! I'm glad your sugars are pretty stable now.

Douglas - yes, I guess that's the long and short of it huh! Lucky we can laugh isn't it! :blush:

I had my glucose tolerance test on Wednesday so just waiting for the results. I've also had a hba1c test done, that shows your glucose levels for the last few weeks or so so that'll be interesting! Hopefully answers are coming next week! Though I hope it's all negative as I don't fancy the diet AT ALL :lol: :rotfl:

love Cathy x
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Hoping for good results!

Cathy, do let us know how the test goes. I've got my fingers crossed for good numbers!! :luck:

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