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Has anyone ever suddenly had thier Diabetes go out of control? Mine has been pretty well under control for about 3 - 4 years. All of a sudden I can't get it under 220. We've upped my metformin to 2000 mgs and added a drug that should produce more insulin (yesterday) but so far its still high. 4 hours after lunch - 350. Now admittedly I had a "normal" lunch - a foot long subway sub. But all it had on it was turkey, lettuce, tomato, cucumber (being different) and some carrots. Nothing else and diet coke to drink. No chips, no dessert. :(
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Hi there, I am diabetic and sometimes our meds make it jump up. I know if I ate all the bread mine would be high, that is about 5 times more bread than we should eat at one sitting. It is cut back on the carbs and see how your BS is.....good luck
Mine is going haywire right now too. Its weird because I am going down on pred, finally down to 6mg after years of being at 15-20. I'm going down 1mg a month. My bs is 150ish fasting and 280ish dinner. I am on metformin too, 1000mg, twice a day, amaryl, and Lantus insulin, 112u at bed. I'm going to have to call the doctor about it soon. I'm also having a weird lowgrade fever for a few weeks now too, and my fibromyalgia is having fun with me too. I hope yours gets under control and soon. The fatigue that comes with the high blood sugar is horrible.
Thanks all for the good wishes, 147 Monday morning, 107 Tuesday morning and 135 this morning. Not all great readings but MUCH better than the 220's that were the lowest I could do before.
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