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Hello andee and welcome :)

I'm sorry to hear what brings you hear but glad you have found this site. It is a wonderful source of support and advice and, of course, loads of wonderful people.

It is quite usual for diagnosis to take quite a while and, as your doc said, it is reassuring that things reamined relatively stable throughout those four years. Now that you have been diagnosed the appropriate treatment will most likely be able to ensure that you don't suffer too many (if any) of the more serious complications of the disease.

It can take a while for the right treatment for you to be found but you should know that a lot of people with lupus lead extremely active lives and don't necessarily have the time to post here. On these boards there are a lot of newly diagnosed people, not yet diagnosed and also the more severely affected. Just so that you don't get "frightened" by reading some of the posts.

A lot of people have lupus without ever having any organ involvement and the treatment you will recieve (are receiving?) further reduces the risk of that.

What treatment have you been started on and how does your lupus affect you on a daily basis?

bye for now,
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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