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Yes, having lupus is hard to get used to, I love swimming:swim: :clock: But I wait for a time when the sun is going down and mom's pool is mostly in the shade. I am trying to get used to using sunblock:wink2: the sports kind that won't sweat off since that is a problem for me. I wear longer shorts, and big baggy short sleeved shirts, but since they are so baggy they cover up most of my arm, I get them at Walmart, if you have one, in the men's department, they cost about 4.68, something like that I can afford. I don't wear sandals because I am a clutz and always fall down. Sometimes a baseball hat will find it's way onto my head, needs to be there more often. I just cannot take the heat well at all, I feel sick most of the time during the summer:sunny: so I try to find things I can do inside, but I do spend lots of time in the pool whenever I can. I don't have kids though my neices can occasionally entice me into the pool before those really hot sunny hours. I also go through stages where I just need a few moments to cry, or have a feel sorry for myself moment, but I try to focus on what I can do. I hope to be more active this summer so I am trying to find ways to be busy without being too sick. Take Care, try and use your imagination and sunblock! Karly
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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