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welcome to mixie world

Hello fellow Mixie,

Congratualtioins on the dx. Even though I, as you, knew it was coming it is still a good day to know that indeed this wierd and wonderful(?) world of being a Mixie is real. The best advice I got from the wonderful people here is that 'you are not crazy or lazy". Lily's advice of 'one day at a time' is very very very true. All the tests you are going to get are important to establish a base line for future testing if needed. I have aweful viens and a needle phobia so I understand the issues related to that. All my blood work is ordered as resting so no hot shower or walks before hand so I always use a hot water bottle on my arms before tests, drink plenty of fluid and allow nothing bigger than a butterfly needle. They only get 3 tries and we call it a day - no more than two tries per person - and no newbies. I have very active Raynuads so that doesn't help either - sounds like you do too:(

You seem to be taking the same road I did as far as meds go. It has been the better part of six years for me and I can tell you the drugs worked well. I'm not saying I am cured or anything but I lead a semi normal lfe and am tons better then when I started. I am off pred now and take 10mg of metho weekly. I am allergic to plaq so that wasn't an option.

The road from the beginning to now was tough no doubt about it - like living on a rollercoaster sometimes but slowly things get better. As you accept the new you - and learn to like you with the new limitations you know have life opens up all kinds of possibilties. Easier said than done - some days I still have issues with needing to sleep or rest, feeling sick at least one day a week from the metho or having what seems to be endless medical appointments but when I am honest I know it beats, hands down, how I was when this all started.

I wish you the best of luck with all the tests.

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