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Wecome to the forum spook :)

I am glad you found your way here because this is all very odd!

Firstly, the first drugs used for treating lupus, including when lupus affects only the skin, are anti malarials, most often one called Plaquenil/hydroxychloroquine. This might be the only drug needed to control skin lupus and the less severe forms of SLE. Accutane is only used when the skin lupus has not responded well to all other well established treatment options and I suspect even less these days when there are one or two newer options. Accutane can have a number of unpleasant side effects.

When skin lupus is diagnosed it is absolutely essential to ask the patient about health in general to see if there are any symptoms that could be caused by more systemic forms of lupus. A number of blood tests would be done such as full blood count,tests for various antibodies and a urine test. It is not a question of woprrying, but is certainly is of getting the best care available and treating the skin lupus properly. Most of us are rightly very concerned about having rashes especially on our faces.

You have had rather poor health for years which I am sorry about. Some of the problems cvould well be cause by undiagnosed lupus. I hate to think how many people are diagnosed with ME or CFS, who in fact have lupus. "Mild" simply means no organ involvement but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be treated or that it can't make life a misery

I am wondering what antibiotics you have been on. Please get further care by seeking a second opinion about the treatment and the diagnosis. Read the symptoms list to see how many you recognised from your own healh history. We have a couple of Irish members who can help you work your system and you can ask for doctors in your area in the 'find a doctor 'section. Please let us know how you get on.

Bye for now
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