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hi, i have just been diagnosed with lupus and am in a state of shock. don't know much about the condition and got no help from my gp. waiting for hospital appt. gp said look it up on the internet!!! can anyone help?:(:(
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Hi up there in Norfik from me down here in Suffik :wink2:

Perhaps you should suggest to your Gp that he also looks Lupus up on the internet!

Seriously though Sandra It is as well to educate yourself about the many and various aspects of this disease using sites such as this or the LupusUK site.
I made the mistake of reaching for my old(30 yrs) medical book and expected to die of renal failure within the next five years:eek: Things have changed enormously and I firmly expect to grow as old and cantankrous as the next person.:)

Arm yourself with knowledge, get to know how your particular lupus affects you, and find doctors you trust.

Oh......and visit us all here as often as you need.There will always be somebody who is experiencing or has experienced the same thing.

Good luck
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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