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Diclafenac Versus Naproxen

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Just wondered what you think.
GP said when I went for repeat prescription of Diclafenac.. Ooo are you still taking that? Its not heart safe.. I will give you Naproxen instead its heartsafe. Stange when I read the leaflet it says Naproxen can cause heart problems.
Im feeling very much the aches and pains at the moment and swollen joints the Naproxen doesnt seem to make me feel any better. I dont take it regularly which they said is ok but .. Im sure the diclafenac worked better.
Any ideas?
Sal x
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Hi Sal,

They all have heart warnings nowadays, so he's a bit off base there. What works for one may not work for another, moreso in lupies I reckon, we are each different.

If Diflonec worked better then why not stay on it? I'd take this up with him if you continue to have less relief with the Naprosyn.

I'm a firm believer in if it ain't broke don't fix it!

Good luck,

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