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Diclofenac - Anyone Taking or Have Taken This Medication?

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Hi All, Raeann here, haven't posted in a while, but had my six month Rheumy appt yesterday and he wanted to change my NSAID since I have been on Ibuprophen for almost three years.

I was just wondering if anyone is taking or has taken this medication. I have not filled it yet and looked it up to see what it was about.

I am always leary of a new medication. I have mild inflammatory arthritis and RA.

Ibuprophen usually takes care of the aches and pains unless I'm in an extreme flare and then a small dose of Prednisone is helpful.

I take Plaquenil twice daily (200 mg). Anyones comments would be appreciated. I know everyone reacts differently to certains medications. Thank you Raeann
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Hi Reann

I really liked diclofenac, it sorted out a lot of my arthritic type pains and aches. But it upset my stomach, it is quite harsh on tummies. There are other side effects which you will find if you do a search for diclofenac and side effects on google. I was on it a long time before my stomach started protesting.

You can now get it as Arthrotec (diclofenac with Misoprostol to protect against gastric ulcers)or take it with something like Losec (Omeprazole) which helps to protect stomach lining. My doc is talking of swapping me from my current NSAID back to arthrotec as it works quickly and well during a flare when the pain and inflammation are worst.

ALWAYS take it with food.

Hope this helps.

Sara x
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Ive taken Diclofenac for years. Ive never had any problem with it. Ive had RA symptoms as in joint inflammation and pain. I find it helps. I actually have been diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia.
Ive been on steroids but just got off them after over 2 years so now if I feel a bit of joint pain I just take a Diclofenac. While in a flare I did take them regularly for ages but now I just take the odd one now and again. I dont know if Im underestimating so to speak but I always think of the Diclofenac as one of the milder drugs that Ive had to take.
I started on Ibuprofen too then changed to Diclofenac.
Hope it works ok for you. Of course we are all different and I think sometimes I must have a cast iron constitution because some people do have bad reactions to drugs I dont.
Good luck,
Sal x
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Just seen Saras reply. I agree. Always take with food and I take Omoprazole for my stomach just in case.
Sal x
I was prescribed Diclofenac when Ibuprofen wasn't enough.
It served me really well, even through a bout of pleurisy when taken regularly.

The others are right.......always take after meals.

I had to come off it after a while as my LFT's were off which sometimes happens. Might not have been connected but rheumy just being cautious.
Hi Reann

I'm one of them that unfortunately diclofenac didn't agree. I was taken diclofenac after a shoulder injury at work in January this year. The GP gave it to me for the pain and inflammation. I took it for around 6 weeks then noted nodules on my fingers and toes like chillblains. GP took me straight off them and as since said that it could be implicated in me now being ill:(
Rheumy also said that diclofenac could have given me further symptoms of lupus but they're still looking into it. ( no diagnosis yet )
It also give me an upset tummy and aggrivated my IBS.

Sorry for been so negative. Everyone is different and if you doctors recommed it then maybe give it a chance and see how things go.

Please let us know how you get on and I hope it helps.:)

Mrs M x
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I am taking diclofenac and find it helps me. I can't take a large dose as it raise my liver enzymes. I do find it helpful though.

You could give it a try and see how you like it.

I am prescribed it too.

I always take it with plenty of food or my stomach hurts like heck.

I also put a gap of a couple of hours between taking it and taking Plaquenil, Omeprazole etc. or I get the ruuuuuuuuns!

Well - you did ask.

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Interesting Alwin, I have just started getting abdominal pains and the runs! I don't take with loads of food and I take it with the Plaquenil!
Thank You

Thank you, I appreciate all of the input and will let you know how it works for me. I'm always scared at first to take anything new for fear of all the side affects.

I guess it can't be any worse than Ibuprophen. I've been able to tolerate it for the last three years.

Will post again later. Thanks again Raeann
Hi Raeann

I was on this drug last year for several months. I had major gastro effects from it - uncontrollable diarrohea :eek: Short term it was okay but after the first two weeks it was really difficult. Stupid thing was I didnt know what was causing the diarrohea at the time.

Also it did a number on my Liver Function Tests. They were quite high at the time but came back within range after I stopped taking it.

I do know people who do very well on this NSAID but its important to watch out for these side effects.

I hope they work for you

Luv n stuff
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