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Didn't die, just dropped off face of the earth

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Hi everyone, remember me? :eek:verhere:

I'm lucky if I do these days. I have been lost in a fog of narcotics, depression, and pain for about two months now. I have had many an adventure since then. :eek:

Tried to blow myself up lighting the pilot on the hot water heater at the end of August. Poof - I looked like the cartoon man who had the cigar blow up in his face. No eyelashes, eyebrows, singed hair everywhere (even inside my nose!). Mostly just 1st and 2nd degree burns, but alot of them. :stretcher:

No sooner did I start to recover from that, I ruptured two discs in my lower back. Oh ouch! :eek:uch: I had no idea - I thought lupus had taught me how to deal with pain, but I was wrong! I'm still dealing with the aftermath of that one.

I have nerve impingment, can't feel most of my rt. foot, parts of the rt. leg, and my butt is numb. Sliced my heel open on a piece of sharp metal, because I could not feel it. I'm sure it hurt, but didn't even need a local for the stiches. :oops:

While all of this is going on, we put our second home in the Rocky Mountains on the market to sell, as my husband has taken a promotion that will move us to Philadelphia. We had two contracts fall through at the last minute, and had all kinds of weird problems with the third. It finally closed just this week.

Not that I've been stressed or anything :wink2:, but now I am having a monster flare. My vasculitis has returned in both legs, I can't think or remember a thing (worse than usual, hard to imagine! ), and I think I've started menopause. :bashhead:Oh, and the prednisone has been bumped up yet again!

Jerry Garcia (Greatfull Dead) said it best - "What a long, strange trip it's been!" I'm going to do my best to stay out of the emergency room this week, but can't make any promises about being committed to a looney bin!

Only a lupie could do all of this! Glad to be back :p
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Tracy :eek::eek::eek:

My head is in a spin reading about all your trials and tribulations :hugbetter: :hugbetter: It seems like you are just not safe to be let out :p

Im very glad to see you back. At least someone here can keep an eye on you!

Seriously though, Im really sorry to hear you had such a terrible two months. I hope this flare doesnt last too long for you :worried:

Lots of gentle hugs ((((((((((Tracy))))))))))


My goodness what a time you are having!:eek:

I hope things will soon settle down for you.:hug::hug:
With a move on top of it all.:wow:

Please take care!

Hi Tracy,

In this housing market you were lucky to be able to sell your place in the mountains. I hope you enjoy the new place in Philadelphia. When you are packing conveniently leave all disasters behind.

Good luck with your back and everything else that ails you.

Take care,
Sounds like you have alot going on. Take a deep breath and remember that you can always chat with me if you need a friend to listen. Hoping things work for you, good thoughts to you.
Take care,
Oh my gosh, Tracy .... what a lot you've been through! Thank goodness you didn't lose something that won't grow back in your wrestling match with the hot water heater.

I am not making light of your problems. You truly sound miserable. What does your rheumy say? Can he/she offer anything more than just upping the prednisone? If not, is it time for a new doctor?

Wish I could send you some relief. I know stress is rough ... try to find some quiet time just for your and relax. If possible. And know that lots of hugs and good thoughts are coming your way.

Thx everyone - it certainly helps bring my stress level down a notch or two, laying my troubles out at the feet of the ladies here.

The real killer in all of this, however, is that up until about 4 days ago, it was not lupus that was causing me problems, at least not directly. Might have been a bit of lupus brain fog going on when I decided to play with matches, but the rest are just "normal" injuries.

I think the methotrexate is working fabulously for me, and I am just sorry we did not start this treatment for me sooner.

I am afraid I am scaring my poor husband to death. He is commuting (via a 4+ hour plane flight every weekend) between Philadelphia and Denver right now, just to check in on me. He has dropped everything and come flying home several times now - stress is getting to him as well I'm sure.

Maybe I do need a babysitter? The evidence before the court is not looking very good ..... :p

I have made it through day one without going to the doctor, let see if my luck holds for the rest of the week.

:lol: my life is nutts! :lol: Tracy
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