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Hi and firstly, Season's Greetings!

Over the past week, I've discovered British singer Dido's relatively new song, Grafton Street. It deals with losing her father to lupus and I understand she does a lot for lupus organizations in the UK. You can search for the song and lyrics on her website.

Kind Regards to all,

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Hello Geoff :)

Thanks for that info. I am sorry to hear that Dido's father lost his struggle with lupus :( I first heard about him a few years back when his life had been saved by one of the London lupus experts and Dido was opening a new wing of the hospital he had been treated at.
I haven't heard of any ongoing involvement with lupus awareness apart from that though and I think she lives in the USA. We could do with high profile people lending their name to the cause, but I am quite sure that many more people will have heard of lupus because of her song, so every little bit helps.

I hope you're doing well and settled in your new home. Keep up the good work ! I couldn't read your paper unfortunately because the site requires membership to view it. :( Remember that " great oaks from little acorns grow"

Happy Holidays to you and yours and a very happy, healthy and successful New Year.


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I have just listened to the song, and cried my eyes out. It doesn't really have to relate to a parent dying from Lupus, but after loosing both my parents in the recent past , it just sums their death up so perfectly. If anyone is feeling down at the moment I don't recomend listening to it just yet.....wait a is a beautiful song.

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