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Interesting. I was on atenolol from 1998 to earlier this year. My lupus does not appear to be drug induced, but I found it interesting that this was on the list, as well as ibuprofen (I was an advil "junkie" while fighting joint pain and other problems that ended up being lupus....I was aware of rebound pain and headaches but not the fact that it could cause lupus-like symptoms. I'm now off of atenolol because of some bradycardia issues that came up a couple of hospital stays ago (but had to go on another beta blocker due to tachycardia, which the atenolol was used to control before...go figure), and have greatly reduced the amount of ibuprofen I take now I'm on more effective pain killers.

I'm curious...if you already have lupus, can these drugs make your symptoms worse, or do they just cause DILE?


1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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