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This is what I wondered for a while, too. I was diagnosed with RA first and, frankly, have a textbook case. The labs, X-rays, exam and symptoms are classic RA. But, early on, some of the Lupus indicators were testing positive, too. Rheumy said we'd have to wait and see on Lupus and he put me on mtx. and Plaquenil to cover both diseases.

I haven't taken any of the drugs on the DILE list -- I've never even overdone the Ibuoprofen. When my symptoms first started more than 2 1/2 years ago, I was put on antibiotic therapy for a few months because of "possible Epstein-Barr and possible Lyme disease." It didn't work, obviously, because I had neither disease.

I had done some research on DILE and hoped that maybe the Lupus symptoms and positive tests were temporary. But it's been two years since I took the antibiotics; more Lupus indicators are positive and organ involvement has begun, too. The antibiotics aren't even on the DILE list. I've accepted it's SLE.

But it's quite the quandry, isn't it?


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Asked my rheumy earlier this year if that could have caused the lupus and that perhaps my original RA dx only(had for a short time) was correct and the med caused the lupus.
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