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DILE Drug induced Lupus Erythematosis

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I just read thru this and found alot of interesting things ... I have been on several of the meds mentioned before my now withdrawn diagnosis... tetracycline is the one jumped out at me... I was bitten by a cat and the ER doctor put me on it ... that was a Sunday morning ... by Tuesday I had swollen joints all over ,itched and broke out in a rash... I stopped it and went to a doctor who said it was just an allergic reaction put me on pred and penicillin and sent me on my way...after a couple weeks rash was clear but itched horribly when ever in the sun and my hair started falling out... didn't have a regular doctor at this point in time and when I went back the one I saw said I was having an allergic reaction to something ... probably grass since it was hay cutting swallow benadryl...and sent me on my way

This was about 2 years before my steady ongoing problems began... during that time I had several flares of itching , body rash and hairloss... but didn't go back just took bendryl to relieve itch...I have never had a butterfly rash but scaley patches over body especially chest and stomach
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1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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