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DILE Drug induced Lupus Erythematosis

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Forgive me if I'm being a little stupid with what I'm about to ask.... but on the list of drugs that may cause DILE it mentions "hydroxychloroquine" and "ibuprofen" - BUT aren't these drugs used to actually treat Lupus?

Also, a very good few years ago (maybe 5) I was given some super strength antibiotics to treat what the Dr had wrongly diagnosed as "Prostatitis". I took these for about a week and became very ill until another Dr noticed the grave mistake, after which I stopped them. Alas can't remember the name of the antibiotics. But, my question is - is a 1 week course enough time to contract something like SLE or DILE?
Hi Cath, sorry for the confusion in my paragraph.

What I meant to say was that the Dr prescribed a drug which he most definitely should not have in light of what the symptoms were in my illness. After taking this medication I got a lot worse and so went to the Dr's surgery again, where I saw another Dr. This new Dr was mystified and horrified at the previous Dr's ignorance and at the fact that he had prescribed the drugs he did.

Hope that makes sense :)

As for the antibiotics comment - I was under the impression (from what my GP said) that Lupus sufferers would have an adverse effect to antibiotics.

If I've been misinformed please tell me. Right now I am so worried about catching any kind of infection - cold, cough, flu etc :(
Phew! At least once a year I get a very bad chest infection... guaranteed :oops: And this is when the Dr would prescribe me mild antibiotics. I react very badly to anything too strong :(

I was a tad worried as to what would happen when I did get my annual chest infection :rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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