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DILE Drug induced Lupus Erythematosis

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Oh DEAR! I take Hydrochlorothiazide for BP. However, I know that my derma looked at that, but realized my symptoms started BEFORE starting HTZ, but it does say it can cause flares. :( now I'm really confused.
She would have taken me off, or recommended seeing my GP if she thought that was causing problems...right?

I'll put my faith in her, I see her August 2nd, and am supposed to track any sx's until then....This is a mess, however, I go for bloodwork w/ GP in a couple weeks, wonder if I can get her to check ANA again? Do you think that is a good idea, since i just had it checked a couple of weeks ago? could it have changed?

thanks so much for your help! and the link, it's very informative.
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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