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DILE Drug induced Lupus Erythematosis

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Hi Surferboy,

The list of possible side effects of drugs is made as follows: A patient gets a drug prescribed and while taking it gets a symptom and goes to the doctor. If the doctor thinks it might be a side effect (read MIGHT BE, not definately proved so to be), they send a form through to a central registrations center and it gets sent on to the manufacturer, and may eventually get put on a list of possible side effects. If you search hard enough you can find out exactly how frequently a side effect occurs. For example many of the side effects occur less than one in a million. And remember these are not proven side effects but possibly side effects, so in all reality, most probably was not a side effect but a random coincidence.
Especially with DILE, there is a very good probalilty that the reason the person was started on plaquenil in the first place was suspected CTD. That they then get DILE is more likely mislabeling - it should have been called SLE, and the plaquenil did not cause anything except improving the patient's life.

You second paragraph does not make sense. Why is prescribing an antibiotic for an infection a grave mistake? It is logical. Why are you upset about it and what relevence do you think it has to what now?

You cannot contract SLE. You can't get it from a drug. With DILE if you stop the drug the disease goes away with time. DILE also happens straight away while taking the offending med, not 5 years later. Unless you have been lying to your doctor about a medication you are currently taking, you do not have DILE.

Hydroxychloroquinine is the most important useful safe medication we currently have for SLE and Discoid.

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1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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