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Disability Act

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Hi everyone, I have just joined today.

Can someone tell me whether lupus comes under the DDA?
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Hi honeygirlcad,

not sure what you mean by DDA but i am covered under the DLA in the UK for my Lupus it was a struggle getting it but you just have to be hounest with them and be really open to any investigations they want to do. I also found it helpful to send a quick note from my specialist and my GP with my claim form before they requested it. Hope this helps.

Baileys :hehe:
Hi Again,

I took my company to tribunal after they discriminated against me when i was pregnant and having really bad lupus flares, it was under the discrimination act, you have to be strong if this is the route you are taking and stay positive as they will try to bully you in any which way they can. If you told them about your illness then i think you should have some kind of grounds the best thing to do is search tribunal cases online under the same kinds of circumstances as yours, you should bring up any info on recent cases and their outcomes this could give you a better idea of your chances.

Hope you get better soon and things get a bit easier,

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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