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Discoid lupus

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Hi - Im sure I posted somewhere on this site before and cant find it now:)

I was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus 3 weeks ago and am waiting on a referal appointment with a dermotologist.
My bloods came back that I dont have Systematic Lupus but when I reminded my gp of my symptoms of depression,pain and swollen jints she said she would put it in my dermotologist referal notes.

I now have an appointment with a locum gp again - she was great :) she was the one who arranged the biopsy after 12 years of itching sores on my chest and the other symptoms.
(In the 12 years I have tried steroid creams,antibiotics and told my rash was stress related etc - so it is now a certain relief to be pointed in the right direction :)
When I go back to the locum gp on Friday, I hope she also pays the same attentiion to my other symptoms as she did to the biopsy arrangements.

Could anyone advise me what the dermotologist might do in relation to the pain and extreme fatigue or should I push these symptoms with the gp appointment on Friday
Any advice would be greatly appreciated
Thanks x
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Sorry that is all I could remember when I went to advance :rotfl:. I am glad that things have seemed to move rather quick for you. Getting a dx and treatment as soon as possible it very important. It seems you are on the right road and getting good help finally.

The placqs could take up to 6 months to get in your system, hang in there it is a good med. If you are anything like me the sunscreen was a nice idea but I have found that nothing seems to help with the sun, but staying inside ( no fun at all :worried:). I hope you have better luck with the sunscreen. If you wonder which doctor to turn to just start at the bottom and work your way through to the top of your doctor list :lol:. I hope you stay feeling better and hope to see you in chat to share with us.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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