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Discoid lupus

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Hi - Im sure I posted somewhere on this site before and cant find it now:)

I was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus 3 weeks ago and am waiting on a referal appointment with a dermotologist.
My bloods came back that I dont have Systematic Lupus but when I reminded my gp of my symptoms of depression,pain and swollen jints she said she would put it in my dermotologist referal notes.

I now have an appointment with a locum gp again - she was great :) she was the one who arranged the biopsy after 12 years of itching sores on my chest and the other symptoms.
(In the 12 years I have tried steroid creams,antibiotics and told my rash was stress related etc - so it is now a certain relief to be pointed in the right direction :)
When I go back to the locum gp on Friday, I hope she also pays the same attentiion to my other symptoms as she did to the biopsy arrangements.

Could anyone advise me what the dermotologist might do in relation to the pain and extreme fatigue or should I push these symptoms with the gp appointment on Friday
Any advice would be greatly appreciated
Thanks x
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Thanks for that Clare :)
This is a great site and you have given me brilliant guidelines

I was told I might have Rhuematoid arthritis in one of my feet about 2 and a half years ago though nothing was ever done about it....I do think though that the diagnosis of my discoid lupus has given me a the encouragement to push this further to find out exactly what else is going on with me...I`ve been led to believe for so many years now that I had acne, strange pains and aches and was stressed as a result of my anxiety and depression however I believe that this is all pointing to lupus affecting other parts of my body...part of me is a bit angry :mad:

I seen a dermo about 10 years ago for the rash on my chest and she said she never seen anything like it! then gave me a steroid cream (which works sometimes but not in all the flare-ups Ive had...I was also told a long time ago after patch tests that I had a nickel allergy and thats why the rash was there!

Im pretty well scarred now on my chest with what looks like pockmarks, but I got to a stage where I stoppped going and `troubling` the doctor :) and would lie in bed just this summer with ice and a flannel to cool down the itch and pain...I as nieve enough to sit ut in the sunshine with the kids and wonder why it wasnt clearing up my skin but making it worse:rolleyes:

I was trying to think how I could explain my symptoms to the locum and all I can up with is four words `sick, sore and tired`...I think I`ll just go and approach it with thanking her for sending me for the biopsy and tell her ho miserable Ive been feeling - fingers crossed:wink2:
I would like to get a try at the Plaquenil eventually as I `ve read it can help with chronic fatigue

Will let yu know how I get on
Thanks again x
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Hi - just an update
The locum doc as great again and Im going on monday for blood tests for the rhuemetoid arthritis - she told me that I`ll more than likely get plaquenil when I go from my dermo appt which Im still waiting on.
Thanks again x
Hi again -
its been a while but I seem to be getting somewhere now (i hope) :)
I had my appointment yesterday at the hospital (dermatology)
The doctor was very attentive and prescribed me factor 50 suncream to wear if i go out of doors on any exposed areas (even in winter!)
I got my bloods taken for liver and kidney function and a full blood picture and go back in 6 weeks
Providing my bloods come back ok, I`l be given Plaquenil on my next appointment and have been signed up for the Optremist and camoflauge techniques.
Overall, I`m happy enough about that for now...and really hope the Plaquenil will make a difference
Just to add,sometimes I use Bio-oil on my scarring which is meant to help...though some of the scarring is very pock marked looking
Thanks for your replies so far and let me know what you think of whats happened so far! x
Ahh thanks One (rain here lol) and lazy legs

Its great to have somewhere to compare notes - will keep up to date on whats happening - hope to get a better look around the site soon...I was suprised in a way that the hosp app went so well - in a way I maybe thought theyd say `yeah its awfull just stay outa the sun`

I know my other symptoms point to subacute or systematic lupus and was so pleased the doc didnt just `dismiss` me without taking note of all my problems - I could also have been in denial for a while there waitin on the appointment - which I know is something that happens :)

Well for now Ive got a lot to get on with - I also have an igenetic bleeding disorder HHT - and am trying to deal with that and thought it was enough to contend with - its also incurable - leave it to me -eh?
Either way these things just take a matter of time to get your head round (if you know what I mean)
Will stop rambling and be back soon.x
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