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Does anyone have diverticulitis??

Any link between lupus and it that you know of ?

I am hoping I have diverticulitis and not something worse...I had
bruising on lower abdomen and had not been hit... something
inside was bleeding but stopped and alot of pain on left side...
I had passed a kidney stone from left side about 3 weeks before
bruising showed up and credited the pain to that ... but as doctor
poked me and poked kidney no pain..move up belly a bit and poke
and I almost jumped off the table...

I was CAT scanned and scoped and x-rayed and blood drawn and
now await results ... on pins and needles

Before testing as the tech went over history he said it may be lupus related... when I googled I didn't find anything that supported this comment... could also be cancer which I am not focusing on... I
would rather have diverticulitis :) if I have to have something

So for now they have me on house arrest and taking three
different big antibiotic pills to combat any infection if leak was from
intestine or colon ... bruises have gone green/yellow ...

It's gonna be a long time til tomorrow morning :(

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As I write this you are 1/2 way to tomorrow morning which I gather is when the doctor will have the results from everything. I really don't have anything medical to suggest but wanted you to know that you are not alone and that we are waiting with you for the results. Please let us know what is going on when you find out.

Take care,

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infected diverticulitis diverticula ruptured and was
bleeding into abdomen ... still on antibiotics and will re-scan in
a month to make sure that it heals shut and not to any other
organs... evidently they can attach to your bladder ,vaginal wall ,
liver , intestines etc etc... had more blood drawn and white
count has gone down...

Glad that it was diverticulitis and not the cancer that doctor
thought it could be ... he also told me as far as he knows there
is not a link between having lupus and developing diverticulitis but
if immune system is depressed that it sometimes takes longer to
treat an infection or rupture...

glad to hear that too... he says that many techs and doctors
begin to blame everything you have on lupus if they know you
have been diagnosed

over all happy with outcome ... well not happy but happier than
the alternative choice I was given as to what they were looking for

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Hi Soundy,

Glad they found out the problem and you are getting treatment for it- Yes, diverticulitis sure beats the alternative they offered ! I've heard diverticulitis can be quite painful and debilitating so rest up and take care of yourself.

Here's to better feeling days,

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Doing better and almost pain free... but ... there is always a but :) ...

I am now having to take little friendly bacteria pills to replace

in gut that the mega doses of antibiotics killed off... have lost 7 pounds
due to severe diarrhea from loss of my friendly bacterias... I had
been eating yogurt with lactobacilus(sp) to prevent this but it
wasn't enough

starting to ache all over ... think maybe my first flare in a long time is
starting up...

But over all feeling pretty good ...
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