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Dizzy spells

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Another thing that happens to me all the time are dizzy spells or feeling lightheaded. Does that happen to anyone? And it doesn't seem to matter if I am laying down, sitting or standing.
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dizzy spells

Hi there,

I get dizzy spells too and exactly like you say, no rhyme or resason to them,

Some days i feel like im drunk, i think for me that is the worse symtom i have, its scarey not knowing how you are going to be one day to the next. I find they quite disabeling.

Yes, I get dizzy spells. Mine are a direct result of a sudden drop in blood pressure. I've always had low pressure (105/60), but these days it can drop down to 90/50 for no apparent reason.
Hi Lisa

I get dizzy spells too, I've been having a few today. Are you taking any drugs? Could it be a side-effect?

Best wishes,
I was having them way before I started taking all the new drugs.
Hi Lisa,

It is possible that you could have a problem with your inner ear or your sinuses. There could also be a blood pressure problem. If the dizziness continues, I suggest you tell your doctor at your next visit.

Take care,
I am sorry that you are having trouble with dizzy spells. That can be very difficult to over come. Yes I have them but not like you are discribing. I usually for me means inner ear infection, sinus problems again, low blood pressure, and/or low sugar. Well these are thoughts hope it helps but i would for sure make an appointment with my doctor soon.
Best Wishes for the reason why,
I had another lightheaded spell yesterday. Came out of nowhere. I wish I knew what caused them.
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