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Dear Lola

Ive been turned down by 3 DLA tribunals who said that they did not beleive that Lupus was even a condition!! It was such an awful experience that I was psychologically very badly affected by it. I have had to pay for my own car adaptions (am only allowed to drive hand controled car as my legs dont work very well), hoist for my wheelchair etc as DLA just do not seem to acknowledge the effetcts of Lupus. I can sympathise with your frustration and how awful it is when the powers that be tell you that what you say is not true!!

I am just bracing myself to try and apply again - my Consultant has written a very strong letter about the tribunals opinon about Lupus ( but they didnt beleive him before anyway).

Use whatever local Disability Rights groups you have to assist filling in the forms as they seem to have the knack of getting the all important wording right.. ANd good luck. If you get turned down again, just dont take it personally and keep applying.

Take care

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