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Coping even through a flare

I find that coping is different for different people, some people I know who don't have lupus cope with life as it comes, they don't give a second thought about doing ordinary things around the house or going to family functions,:rolleyes: but when the diagnosis of sle or other autoimmune disorders comes along coping takes on a whole new meaning. :eek: Coping for me means getting my bills paid, picking up the mail,:mail: going to the grocery when I am up to it, and cleaning when I can (means letting things go for awhile or even asking someone to help), visiting with my family. Coping for me also means that I stop apologizing for a messy house or laundry not done, there are far more important things in life than a spotless house. My aunt went through her disease not talking about how bad she felt or what she needed although her husband was her main care giver--that was good and bad for me, my family knows how bad an illness can affect functioning as well as meds, but they gringe when I ask for help from them, most of the time. I find that every little thing wears me out, especialy through this flare, if I get worn out walking down the building's hall to get mail, then I wait until I am up to it. If someone makes a demand on me to work outside, I explain that the sun :explain: :sunny: :aww: makes me ill and heck if they don't understand. For me coping is making it through another day. My keys for sucessful coping--let the small things go when you need too, focus on the people in your life and let them help and support you, rest-rest-rest,:cry: cry if you feel overwhelmed, keep your mind busy if possible it is the key for me because now it is exhausting to keep any other part of my body moving, talk to someone, a therapist if you feel overwhelmed, communicate well with the doctors you see, take the medicine you are on correctly, come to this site and know that you are not alone. Well, I hope that something I said gave you idea of how to cope a bit better. take care, karly:hug:
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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