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copying for everyone is different of course. but after five years of this,I don't think I am coping. perhaps I do go through a few days of coping. but it always seems that I feel I am not. it is one crazy thing after another. virus,stress,flare adjusting to meds, being over tired, fatique
stomach problems, weather problems, eating properly vs cooking,

can you tell it is a bad day, I am to tired to cook or do laundry or go out for something. and I dont know why, I did have a few good days last week. where of course I went and did grocery and took the dog for a walk. is that why I am paying now? how do other people that dont come here and and work and have a social life manage. I wish I knew.

but I don't have any answers ,just more complaints. out of friends and most family don't bother with me. I guess they are tired after five years of me saying I feel sick.but sorry that is how I feel
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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