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does anyone know a problem with coumadin and codeine ?

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Hi all. does anyone know if there is a reason that an urgent care doctor would tell me not to use codeine while
on coumadin? I ended up in urgent care for fever cough
wheezing and whats turned out to be pneumonia, and the urgent care dr refused the tussinix codeine tye cough
medicine and told me I should not use codeine while on
coumadin. I've been using both for years with the blessings of my rhemie. any comments? she seemed
scared to death to treat me at all but it was a weekend
and I ended up there. Can't breathe when I lay down still, on z-pack.
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My parents were on coumadin and I am sorry to say that I don't know much about it (mixing the two anyway). You might ask your doctor again why she had the reaction she did or the pharmancy. You can also do a web search to see if there is a reason for the reaction. I wish I could of been more help.
Hi Maddog

I havent heard of any interaction between both and I double checked on a site I use a lot which checks out interactions between medications and food/alcohol etc. Here is a link

The only interactions that I could find were with alcohol and coudamin. Im really not sure what the urgent care doctor meant? I think its best to put a phone call into your Rheumy and let him/her advise you.

How are you now? I hope you are starting to recover. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and rest, rest, rest :hugbetter:

Let us know how you are doing and what your Rheumy says

Take care
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coumadin and codeine

Maddog, I have been taking coumadin and oxycodone for over a year. I have had no side effects or interactions.Like many suggested,I would ask your pharmacist. I sure hope you are feeling better and very sorry you are going through this. Take care and hope to chat with you. GSD77
Hello Maddog
I hope you'll soon be feeling much better !:there: I hope you can check with your rheumy, but if you have been taking the two medicines together with your rheumy's blessing it's highly likely the ER doc didn't know what she's talking about.

All the best
feeling better

thank you all! it is so nice to have a place to voice these
concerns with people who have been through it.
Clare, I think you are right, I think she just didn't know,
and freaked out. Like some of you, I have been taking that combo for over a year with no interaction problems,
The rhuemie is who presribed both together.
the urgent care doc was panicked with the fever and the rub she heard
but I would have thought she would have called the
rheumie to check,she also sent me to a x-ray facility that
was closed for the weekend, and when I got to the
hospital, the radiologist was looking for me .
At least she cared, its just scarey.
I still can't breathe laying down, but the fever is gone
and I am feeling a little better, thank you all again!
Merry Christmas to you all and I thank God you are all
part of the community.
Maybe next year they will find a cure. My rheumie says that there is new treatment soon, next couple of years.
back to the couch and snuggle with a border collie who
keeps my spirits up.
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I think ER doctors are just very hesitant to prescribe any narcotic to a patient who is already on them. I would guess that it wasn't so much an interaction between the two meds as much as she didn't want to double you up on codeine while on the other two meds but just didn't communicate it very well to you.

That's my guess at least. I'm glad you are now on some meds to get you better and that she figured out what was wrong & got you on the treatment you need!
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