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Does Anyone Know The Answer?

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I just noticed this today about my rash. I never knew this so maybe someone knows the answer. To me it's really weird. Or again maybe it's not.

If I press my finger on the rash, and take my finger away, it leaves a print where it looks like someone would have a sunburn. What I mean is that when a person gets sunburnt and you touch that spot, it leaves an impression. This is what this does. Why does it do that? I never knew that before so I wondered what it is?

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Do you mean a white impression or a red one!!!

Hi Cyndy Lou, If you mean on your neck and chest and it goes white when pressed then thats the same as i have ! Not sure what it is and i would be intersted to know as well :)


It would be a white impression. Why does it do that since I don't have a sunburn? Really weird.

Hi Sarah

It's good to know that you have the same thing and was wondering also.


As far as I'm aware most rashes will go white (or lighter) if you press on them - its quite normal! Same happens if you press on chickenpox, heatrash, viral rashes - redness dissapears! The only one I know of that does not dissapear is connected to menigitis!

I could be wrong!


Lesley is right :p.

Almost all rashes go white when pressed. They are red in the first place because of extra blood flow through the tiny cappiliaries under the skin. When you press on it, this tempoarily empties the blood vessles, so the skin looks white. Then the blood floods back into the vessles when the pressure is released and it goes back to red coloured.

This is completely normal. It says nothing about your rash at all, except that it isn't petechial (ie the blood is in its normal place not leaking out of the vessels).

Actually our skin goes white when pressed whether we have a rash or not. It is called blanching. How quickly it goes back to normal is called cappiliary refill. 2 bits of trivia for you.

Please try not to over analyse everything - you'll increase your stress levels, and that is not good for your health.

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Hi Lesley & Cath, Thanks for the explanations, i can totally see what you are both saying but i did not have this redness on my neck and chest before becoming ill. Also if i press anywhere else on my body it does not blanch !!
Is this a autoimmune rash ? any ideas ?

You sound so much like what I have.

I never had the red on my neck and chest either before becoming ill.

You asked another good question.

cath;509102 said:
Actually our skin goes white when pressed whether we have a rash or not. It is called blanching. How quickly it goes back to normal is called cappiliary refill. 2 bits of trivia for you.

Postie and Sarah!

The normal blanching as Cath has mentioned is hard to see, our blood should flow/fill back quickly - thats the normal way! My blanching is heard to catch on those areas that do not have a rash!

If not seeing dermatologists then you should both go and get a referral for your skin problems! A Dermatologist will be able to answer all your questions after a thorough examination!

I've had my rash appear years after becoming ill! Not everyone will get a rash, thats why visiting an expert like a dermatologist is essential - especially if you want to diagnose Lupus. The dermatologist can take a biopsy of the area to test for Lupus!

Take care,
Thanks Lesley, I have not been dx with Lupus just connective tissue disease and Hughes. I am currently being treated with aspirin and plaquenil and have noticed that my sun rashes do not appear so often now :)
The rash on my neck and chest is always there though !

Its interesting about what you said about the dermo doing a biopsy...maybe i will go down that route on day but for the time being i am happy as i on the same drugs as someone for Lupus with no organ involvement anyway.

Take care

I'm sure having APS and CTD is just has hard to cope with as some people that have a positive for SLE - you still need to take lots of care of yourself!

Its good that you are receiving treatment! When do you visit your dermatologist?

Not sure but, Lupus can be present just in skin I think - I'm no expert though!
Hi Lesley, I haven't seen a demo at all ! I only see a rheumy and he re-tests my blood every 3 months just to keep an eye on things.
As far as i am aware all my blood tests for Lupus are negative but i have all the symptoms and have had for about 4 years now !
I am lucky that he is treating me and not my test results :)

I see that you live quite near me, enjoy the nice weather as its all change for tomorrow !!
My sister lives in Surrey...Surbiton actually

Have a nice weekend
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