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Hi Sara, yes, I take Paxil for anxiety. Have taken it for 9 years now and I can easily say it saved my life. I've had anxiety, complete with full-blown panic attacks, for my entire life. The first one I can truly remember I was no more than 4 and maybe was just 3. I can remember that horrible, heart pounding, stomach twisting, jumping inside and feeling of doom just like it was yesterday. I wish someone had prescribed Paxil for me when I was a child. My life would have been better, I would have made better decisions.

Tell your physician that you're having anxiety and let him/her know that it's bad enough that your life is being affected. A whole array of medications is available to treat anxiety. But once you've adjusted (and please, give any new medication like this time to work before you pull the plug) you will be grateful to put severe anxiety behind you.

Good luck and keep us posted,
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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