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just the other day I was talking with a friend about his allergies. For as long as i have known him he has had the stuffy nose watery eyes and bronchile issues every spring like clock work.

I have been meaning to talk to him about checking for autoimmune disease.

Any way, after talking and discussing the meds he takes and sharing with him how i used to get sick every spring, the operative word here USED TO, when 2 days later , i find myself suffering from cold/allergies.

It makes you think that if you just talk about getting sick, you can get it:lol:

I had a feeling yesterday, my dogs sensed something was wrong when i went to take a nap and BOTH of them squeezed their way into a crack or crevise of the couch i was laying on. They only do that when i'm not feeling well.

Two days later i'm waking up gasping for air because my nasal passages are blocked and my bronchil passages are clogged causing me to cough and gag and gasp for air. This is not good for someone whose upper respratory is already compromised with sjogrens and COPD. So i take my Spiriva and walk around with my albuterol praying i won't have to make an emergency visit to the doctors before the weekends.

i"m never going to talk about spring allergies again.

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Sorry to hear that you are feeling bad. I hope it passes quickly for you.

I know what you mean about not talking about not getting anything.(did that sentence make sense?:blink:) My husband got a bad virus that is going around. A week later I was still scared to mention that our daughter and I didn't catch it. It seems like when you talk about not getting something it ususally turns around and bites you and you end up getting it.

Pets are wonderful. I am glad yours take good care of you.

Feel better soon.

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Of course any time that you mention "bad" words like that. I mention talk, discuss and or read about different pain, kidney infection, headache, cold, etc I will undoubtably have them.

Murphy's Law: What can go wrong will go wrong.

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