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Not all of us with Raynauds have all symptoms of it. The red tinglings is when too much blood flow gets to the ends of the nerves in feet and fingers most often. If I take too hot of a shower then my feet get red and almost painful.

The blisters can also occur with Secondary Raynauds in conjunction with Vasculitis, Scleroderma and I believe APS. It is a lack/reduction of blood flow to the tips of the toes or in my case the fingertips. I am not familiar with the other syndrome you mentioned.

I take a calcium channel blocker, nifedipine, to control my raynauds. I also have nitroglycerin creme for when I have a bad episode and my fingertips get painful. The blisters can become ulcers and infection usually follows with them.

Is your doctor aware of the issues you are having with your feet? If you are getting blisters regularly I would strongly suggest having your doctor examine them.

Take care,
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