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scrapperjen;495392 said:
I know what you mean.........but in the opposite end. When I try to tell my mother that something is due to my condition(s), she tells me I read about it too much and that because I read something, that's why I get it. Nevermind that I had the symptom LONG before the diagnosis. Everything that goes wrong with me doesn't get blamed on my conditions, because it seems to her, nothing is related to it.

I wrote in the family section that my mother was finally "getting" it. I spoke too soon apparently.:rolleyes:
Hey scrapperjen :) ,

the same thing happens to me!! No matter how sick I am I am exaggerating and overreacting. Family support is so important with a condition so unpredictable and frustrating as lupus. I really hope your mum changes her attitude very soon. Be strong :calm:
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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