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Yes I know how you feel.

I do not tell new people about my health at all, and I prefer it if my husband says nothing too.

I recently joined a yoga group where I am known by my name. It is fantastic. I hang from ropes and all sorts.

The teacher knows what he should, but keeps it to himself. It is a group situation, and we are all too busy working independantly on our individual programs to discuss ailments. We largely work in silence, but when he needs to give instructions or check a position is not causing problems he will say - 'how are your energy levels' or 'how did you feel after last week .... any discomfort?" So if we chose to we glean that one of us has a stiff shoulder, or a bad knee, but little else.

I like it a lot ... but when I have done well and somebody praises me I really have to withold the temptation to say 'yes AND I've got arthritis you know!' It is only since I decided to keep things to myself that I realised how often I actually voluteered information. I think it was anxiety - early days - the need to talk, etc.

Before I went I seemed to be getting myself into a situation where I only knew what I could NOT do. Now I am impressed by all I CAN do, so I resent references to my health now , which is a bit unfair because often people are only really trying to show they care.

Sympathy makes me a bit snivelly, but 'what on earth are you doing with your belly sticking out like that? Pull your waist back for heavens sake!' works wonders for me now!
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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