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For Dr D Cruz' patients :)

I had my so- called annual (15 month this time) check up at St Thomas' on Monday and saw Dr Rachel Hunter or is it Davies, I can't remember :eek:, who has taken over Dr D' Cruz' Monday clinic while he takes a two year sabbbatical to focus on lupus research. She was very, very nice although I was a bit surprised she didn't examine me so I needn't have bothered with my best undies. To be fair I dont have any physical concerns other than skin at the moment. There was plenty of opportunity for talk. She was observing and questioning though and wondered if some colouring on my arms was due to the Mepacrine. In fact it is some bottle tan I was trying out :)

I don't know if she has taken over all his clinics nor when his sabbatical started.

In the general chat, she said it is acknowledged nowadays that extreme stress can definitely a trigger for flares and also initial activation of disease. She also mentioned that they are thinking of setting up specialist nurse led clinics that would give the opportunity to be seen more often in between consultant appointments and asked if I would be interested. I said I thought it would be an excellent idea as the long wait between seeing a consultant is a major problem for some people with far greater needs than mine who need far more frequent visits and specialist advice, adjustment of medicines for example and specialised blood testing

I mentioned that getting through to them was a major difficulty for example if a GP needs advice or we ourselves had a relatively simple question or needed a word of advice particularly about medicines especially those of us who do not have well informed or concerned GPs. The on-line (retired) nurse arrangement seems to be of limited value.

She tried to get me 6 months supply of Mepacrine from the pharmacy but they weren't having any of it!

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