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Ok fellow lupies so many(me included) ask questions about what drugs your on and what they are for so to help each other and give others an chance to ask questions about the meds we are on I thought we could start a diary so that others that are new will get information about drugs that fellow lupies are on for various conditions related to lupus...:)
Ok I will start first....I hope we get alot of responses from others I think this could be very useful info...

I take each day Med treats

Prednisone.... lupus,colitis,inflamtion
synthroid.... thyroid (hypo)
Amitrypitaline (elavil)sp... pain,depression,anxiety
Librex.... colitis,IBS-d
Lyrica.... fibro pain
Methotrexate... inflamation (pain)
Quinacrine... lupus,pain,fatigue (new Rx for me actually will start tomorrow )
Imuran... inflamation pain (stopped due to nausea and vomitting)

Occasional meds when needed ( very seldom take but have on hand esp due to stomach pain possible chrohns)

Vicodin,Darvacet... pain control,
soma... fibro pain, muscle relaxer
klonopin... occasional anxiety due to pain and restless leg

Okay so that is why I can't function well,;) please add your meds to this diary and let others know that there are meds they can investigate that they can talk to there doctor about that may help them!!:whisper: :writing: :explain:
I hope this is helpful to others!!!! love to all!!!:love:

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I take:

plaquenil - lupus
amytriptyline - fibro pain
benicar - high blood pressure
toprol - high blood pressure
procardia - raynauds
nexium - to keep it all down (stomach)
celebrex - inflamation of joints
Omega 3,Multi Vit, Vit E, Biotin


Skelaxin - muscle relaxant

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Here are mine::::hehe:

prednisone-inflamation-5mg. and tapering
Methotrexate injection-inflamation-.8cc's
plaquinel-lupus-200mg x twice daily
cymbalta-depression-60mg. x twice daily
ativan-anxiety-2mg. x 4 times daily
seroquel-anti-psychotic-25mg. 1 x at 5pm, 2 at bedtime
lasix-swelling in feet, calves, hands-30mg. 1 time daily
metformin-polycystic ovarian syndrome-500mg x twice daily
toprol-high blood pressure-40mg.? once daily
nexium-stomach acidity-40 mg. once daily
astelin spray-allergies- two sprays each nostril at bedtime
albuterol-asthma-two puffs as needed
lipitor-high cholesterol-?
folic acid-goes with lupus meds-1mg. daily
Rituxan--Iv infusion
colace-stool softner as needed
starting Xyzal-allergies, if it's covered
Extra strength tylenol
I think that's all......

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Thats awesome information!!! I hope more people will respond I think this would be a great resource for others I forgot to mention 2 more:

I also take baby aspirin
Rx form of Vit D

Lets keep the information coming I think its great information even for me an established HAHAHA lupie!!!

I hope to hear more from others too!!
Thanks for the replies!!:)

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Good Info!

I Take: :eek:
Methotrexate - Lupus/Inflamation
Plaquenil - Lupus
Prednisone - Lupus/Inflamation
Ibuprofen 800 - Inflamation/Achiness
Effexor - Depression
Remeron - Sleep / Depression
Xanax - Anxiety
Protonix - Stomach
Folic Acid - Stomach
Maxalt - Migraines
Astilan - Allergies
Flonase - Allergies
Allegra D - Allergies

LHM! I have never seen them all written out like that!

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I take,

Plaquenil - Lupus
Cell Cept - Lupus
Cymbalta - Fibro pain and depression
Neurontin - Neuropathy and seizures
Depakote - seizures and mood stabilizer
Baby Aspirin - Blood thinner
Ambien - Sleep :)
Prednisone - As and When prescribed for Lupus
Actos - Diabetes
Lidoderm Patches - Fibro pain
Lovasa - Omega Fish Oil for Inflammation
Multi Vitamin
Citrical - for bones
? - to help make saliva..Lupus
Percocet - Lupus pain, and Headaches from tumor I was only recently diagnosed as having.
Oxycontin - Severe Lupus pain, and the Headaches from tumor. It is the size of a pea..

I call myself Pea Brain! I hope I stay a Pea Brain too! :) I am sure meds will change a lot, if I don't.

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Mine are Plaquenil-lupus
Diazipan-muscle relaxant
Sodiam Picosulphate-loo
Morphine-back pain

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This is a cool Thread, we should sate dosages as well.

We might want to add a section for side effects we have personally encountered while taking these meds, so others can be aware of what they may or may not encounter when taking these meds (of course we know we all react differently...)

Plaquenil - 200mg 2X a day - Lupus Skin Rashes
Cellcept - 500mg 2X a day - Lupus Inflamation
Prendisolone - 5mg 1X a day - Lupus Inflamation
Fossomax - 70mg 1X a week - Osteoporosis
Tremadol - 50mg 2 pills 3X a day - Lupus Pain Management
Low Dose Asprin - 81mg 1X a day - APS Blood Thinner
Cymbalta - 60mg 1X a day - Depression / Sleep patterns / Lupus & Fibro
Crestor - 10mg 1X a day - High Cholesterol
Diovan HTC - 12.5 80mg 1X a day - High Blood Pressure

Occasional Meds:

Vicodin 500mg & 750mg Percoset 500mg - Lupus Pain


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Here goes with mine -

Omeprazole 40mg daily - ant acid for gastroenteritus and duodenitis
Gabapentin 300mg 3x a day - for pain
Tramadol 100mg 4x a day - for pain
Paracetamol 1 g 4x a day - for pain
Pravastatin 10 mg a day - for high cholestorol
Plaquinal 200mg 2x a day - for lupus
Prednisalone variable dose - inflammation (allergic to NSAIDs)
Butran patches - for pain control
Loperimide - for relief diarohea caused by food intolerances
Metoclopramide - as and when required for nausea and sickness
Stemetil - when required, helps with nasuea caused by migraines

Think that is it.
By the way I think this link is a great idea and also helps to know that you are not the only one on a whole load of meds!!:rolleyes:

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Always meds:
Plaquenil 300mg once a day (Lupus drug helps joint pain and rashes)
Lisinopril 10mg once a day (to protect my kidneys - my BP is fine)
Low dose aspirin (81mg) once a day

Sometimes meds:
Prednisone up to 20mg once a day bright and early in the morning only!
Ambien - to help sleep
Benadryl - to help sleep (alternate between this and Ambien)
Tramadol - pain relief (usually no more than 2 50mg pills a day or else I itch)

I'm off NSAID's now as they have damaged my kidneys too much.

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My goodness,
Feel quite lucky after reading all that lot. You poor things xx

I was on a lot more but currently Im not really in a flare. Diagnosed with SLE and Fibro.

Pred. 2.5 mg
Omeprasole (to protect stomach)
Bandronic Acid (to protect bones) (1 a month)
Calcichew Calcium and Vitamin D

Amytriptyline (very occasionally for sleep and fibro)
Diclofenac (very occasionally for joint pain)

Sal x

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sally I thought exactly the same when I was reading everyone elses posts :grhug:

Laura....good idea :)
mine are: (everyday) Azathioprine 150 mg
Plaquenil 200mg
Ibuprofen 600mg (joint pain)
sometimes: pred,pred shots.

love karen x

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I'm writing as one of those people who have the good fortune not to need much medication to keep my lupus at bay, just in case any newcomers think a lot of medication is inevitable.

Most of the people on the forum have more severe and more complicated cases than mine or have not responded so well to the usual medications or they experience side effects from the medicines.

Aralen/choroquine, 500mgs a day. This is a stronger version of Plaquenil.

Quinacrine /Mepacrine, 100 mgs a day. Another antimalarial that works synergistically with either Plaquenil or Aralen. Very good for fatigue.

Imuran/azathioprine 50mgs a day, the cherry on my little cocktail.

These 3 keep my lupus ( major skin, joints, fatigue ) at bay. I have had no side effects from these meds so far, that's about 9/10 years on this mix and many years on Plaquenil or Aralen.

75mgs aspirin to help ward off clotting problems given my age, weight and some anti cardiolipins floating around.

Supplements : A Vitamin B complex pill a day,Calcium and Vitamin D, two per day = 800 mgs calcium and 5 micro(?) grams vitamin D. I take the Vitamin B off my own bat in the hope that it helps a bit with nervousness and any anemia and its water soluble so any excess will filter out. I take the calcium and vitamin D to help with osteoporosis as recommended by docs.

I should probably be taking more calcium, another pill to make about 1200 mgs a day but I need to check out about the vitamin D as I don't want to overdose on that. This reminds me to ask tomorrow about Vitamin D, when I have my annual check up


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I'm also quite lucky compared to some though some things are still not quite right.

All the time meds:

Plaquenil 2X200mg (lupus)
Imuran 3X50mg (lupus, myositis, aps)
Prednisolone 12.5mg (lupus, myositis)
aspirin 1X100mg (aps)
L-thyroxine 1X175 (hashimotos hypothyroid)

Other meds

Feldene (anti-inflammatory) as needed
Vitamin D ampules once every two weeks

The doc wanted to try cymbalta for my neuropathy pain but I really couldn't take the side effects and prefer the pain! So, we'll see on that one :)

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My meds

So far (and its always changing):

Plaquneil 400mg daily~Lupus stuff
Prednisone (5mg daily.. or sometimes higher depending)~ Lupus Stuff
Calcium supplelment (1200mg daily) ~due to the prednisone
Prilosec (40mg daily)~stomach..due to all of it
Methotrexate(injectible .84cc per week)~Lupus stuff
Folic Acid( 5mg)~because of the Methotrexate
Phenegrin~Nausea when needed
NSAIDS~ various
Antibiotics~ when needed
Nulev~ IBS
Frova~ Migraines

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Awesome information that is important for others to know about when asking there doctors about RX options. I think this is great and I actually learned alot about reading others meds. Of course it always makes you feel better knowing others are in the same boat taking so many meds and praying that they will help!!!

I really hope others will share there RX too esp if there med is not listed in the diary!!

Thanks for the replies hopefully it will go from diary to encyclopedia!!!:)

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Hi, my cocktail of medication is reduced somewhat from what it was 3 years ago, but still a cocktail! Here are my medications:

Fludrocortisone (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome "pots")
Calichew D3 (osteopaenia)
Esomeprazole (reflux, hiatus hernia, gastritis)
Liothyronine (hypothyroid)
Levothyroxine (hypothyroid)
Planquinel (sle)
Clopidogrel (antiphospholipid syndrome)
Prednisolone e/coated (sle)
Midodrine (postural hypotension)
Diltiazem (arrythmia)
Ivabradine (arrythmia)
Oxybutynin (autonomic bladder problem)
Cetirizine (severe itching all over if I dont take this!)
FLexonase (sinus problems)
Cyclizine (anti sickness tabs to keep this lot down!!)

As required:
Paracetamol (pain relief sle, fibro, chronic low back pain)
Co-Codamol (ditto)
Tramadol (ditto)
Buscopan (ibs)
Alverine citrate (ibs)
Loperamide (ibs)
Domperidon (gastrointestinal/nausea)
Gaviscon (ditto)
Lorazepam (to help me sleep)

I also take 50mg of 5-htp which I feel is helping my fibromyalgia, together with acidopholis (friendly bacteria) which helps my ibs and stomach problems.

My husband has done me a drugs chart with the times and dates which I refer to so I know where I am as the doses of some vary according to symptoms.

Hugs to all

Julia x

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This is a great idea....

Plaquenil--400 mg/day
Prednisone--60 mg/day (I'm in a horrible flare right now)
Cellcept 500 mg/twice a day (just started this and we're actually trying it for high fevers, not organ damage) keeping my fingers crossed........
Lisinopril-40 mg day (blood pressure)
Cozaar-25 mg (blood pressure)
Atenelol-(blood pressure/tachycardia) 50 mg
Calcium--can't remember dosage, but taking lots of it
1 aspirin a day
Wellbutrin XL-300mg/day- depression
Cymbalta-60 mg day/depression
Valium-as needed for anxiety
Seroquel-100 mg/night--anti-psychotic/sleep aid
Tylenol as needed for fevers
Nexium-for stomach

The strange thing with my lupus is that I've had virtually no organ damage, just a bout of pericarditis(with effusion)which has become chronic. Of course i'm not feeling it now with the steroid. I had a kidney biopsy last week and it did show some kidney damage, but it showed that it had repaired itself (maybe through the prednisone?
My problems are low white blood count, anemia (i've had two transfusions in 2 years), high blood pressure and high heart rate. My latest, scariest thing is high fevers for 3 months which are not being controlled with even the highest dosage of prednisone. We're almost to the point of the Mayo Clinic right now The docs don't seem to know what to do exactly. And to think that just 5 years ago, all I needed to control the lupus was a short bout of steroids and Plaquenil.....:sad:
I am happy to see that a lof of you don't have to take many meds and it gives me hope that one day I can be that way again, too ;)
Remission perhaps?

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Great idea

Been off the site for a couple of weeks with work and in a bit of flare. I don't have much in the way of meds at the moment but I have been on a lot in the past. I have a rheumy appt next Monday (brought forward from August due to flare) so I may be starting some meaningful medication next week.

Omeprazole 1 X 40mg - stomach shot to pieces because of NSAIDS for donkey's years, reflux, gastro pain
Cozaar 1 X 50mg - high blood pressure
Etodolac 1 X 600mg - NSAID for joint pain
Dosulepin 1 X 75mg - for neuro pain

Drugs as needed:

Dyhydrocodeine 30mg (can take 60mg if necessary and am doing so at moment)
Prednisilone (only when I really have to as side effects bad)

I have tried propanolol for chronic headaches but had bad side effects. Also bad for me are sulfa meds, Vioxx and other COX-2 inhibitors, nalidixic acid. I got "accustomed" to amtriptyline so switched to dosulepin. Had nearly every conceivable NSAID going but etodolac just taking the edge off the pain (usually). Been on Bonviva while on pred.

Rheumy has prescribed me a depomedrone injection which I am going to have when I see her next Monday.

I hope I will get something other than steroids. I think the time has come to try an antimalarial and at least something to take away my headaches (APS, therefore aspirin at the very least).

This has been very interesting reading what others are Rx, particularly when there are complications in their Sx.

Judi xx

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My goodness what interesting reading. I am another one of the lucky ones that don't take many meds although I feel mine has grown over the last few months. I really struggle to take so many tablets so I don't know how some of you manage - when do you get the time to eat food! :eek:

Plaquinel - lupus
Cellcept - connective tissue inflammation
Co-codamol - costochondritis
Naproxen - costochondritis
Colpermin - irritable bowel
Flixonase - allergic rhinitis
Viscotears - dry eyes
Adcortyl - mouth ulcers
Corlan tablets - mouth ulcers

Evening Primrose Oil - for hormones,skin and inflammation
Omega 3,6,9 - joints, circulation and inflammation
Milk Thistle - help clear out my liver


Pam xxx
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