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Dry Eyes help!!!!!

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I have been to the doctor every other week about my dry eyes for about two months. This is killing me !!!!!!It feels like sand is in my eyes all day all nite long!!! OOOO Im so miserable. Some times it can be one eye or both. I am using Thera tears, it use to soothe them, Nevamacfor pain,polymyxin for infection erythromycin ointment, systane lubricant drops, oooooogosh Im miserable. The doctor says I have ulcer under the eyelids and its dry and it is scratching the eyeball, thus the feeling of sand in my eyes. I put two drops of olive oil in them last nite and a hot cloth made the feel a little better so I am doing this until I go and see him tomorrow. Im gonna see if he'll put a lens in it to seperate the lid until it heal. The dry weather dont help it none. wind blowing in the causes me to holler in pain. Ive been been a hermit for about a month and a half. Helllllllllllllllp me !!!!! Please. Some body please8)
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(((((((((tinkerbell))))))) you sound miserable :hugbetter:

Just wondering what meds you are on now, some of them might be contributing to this?

I'm not familiar with thera tears, but wondering how often you apply them during the day and if you use their gel at night. Gels seem to help a lot but they are impossible to use during the day if you want to see :hehe:

Have you seen an Opthamologist? I think that's probably a good idea given the severity of your symptoms.

sending hugs,

There is some over the counter things that are like natural tears. They are save to use on a daily bases and may help until your eyes can get moist again. It is worth a try, let me know if it helps any. I hope you feel better soon.
hi tink

my eyes dry out more in a flare or when i just sick (like now) my opthamologist told me to use an otc called refresh tears and thus fars eem to help. i have had major eye problems when i fried my corneas so i can kinda understand the pain you speak of, then i got some kind of prescription.

by the way... i've never heard of olive oil being put in ones eyes, is that your own idea or did the doctor mention it. just curious

hope you feel better soon
hugs and kisses
Hi Tink,

I never thought of getting an ulcer under the eye lid.:eek:
That sounds painful.

I agree with Lily that seeing an ophthalmologist is the best route to take.

I take Refresh Celluvisc or GenTeal eye drops. They do their job for me. Don't plan on reading right away though after putting them in your eyes.:hehe:

I hope you soon get relief from your ulcer. Please let us know how you are doing.
Thanks every one for your kindness. I knew I could count on friends like you. I never felt so bad in my life. I have deepest sympathy for anyone in my recent perdicament. I did go see the optho the next day he perscribed Genteal gel and some prednisolone. I got instant relief when I used the prednisolone. Thanks again.
Hi Tinkerbell,

I am so happy you finally found some relief. Hopefully it never happens again.

Take care,
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