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Dubois' Lupus Erythematosus Online!

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Was googling a little while ago and bumped on something called "Dubois' lupus erythematosus" online. It is a book written by Daniel Wallace, Bebra Hahn and Albert Dubois apparently and it seems most of the chapters have been scanned and are there for all to read. :rolleyes:

In any case, I thought it seemed like an interesting book with lots of nice information so here is the link if anyone wants to have a look:,M1

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Hello Zoi :)

Yes it is available on line but chunks are missing, often five page chunks which I was sure were the ones with the answer, so I got myself a copy for some light leisure reading hahaha.:hehe: I can hardly lift it!
Edmund Dubois ( pro Doo-Boyz) was one of the pioneers of modern lupus medicine in the USA. He was working in the early '50s at the largest hospital in the USA at the time, the Los Angeles County Hospital.
He was asked to start a clinic for 8 patients who had a newly diagnosed disorder that was characterised by a positive result on a recently described lab test known as the "LE cell prep". By the early 60's he had the world's largest lupus practice with 500 patients at the LA County Hospital and another 500 in his private practice.

Dr Wallace met Dr DuBois at the University of Southern California and as a resident at Cedars Sinai Medical Centre and was asked by him to help edit his book in 1982 three years before his untimely death from multiple myeloma.

The first edition of Dr Dubois' book appeared in 1966. It was dedicated to "the patients from whom we have learned" He was the main author of the articles in it. This 7th edition of 2007 has about 100 contributing authors, eminent lupologists, and is edited by Dr Wallace and Dr Hahn who also have articles.

Apart from the sections I couldn't even pretend to begin to understand, the immunology and chemistry, the overall realisation for me is how very complicated this disease is and how difficult it is to study and research.
As the saying goes, " to know lupus is to know medicine "

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Aha! I see!! Thank you for the info Clare!!! Very interesting :bigsmile:

Edmund Dubois sounds like an absolutely brilliant lupologist!

Might actually order the book too I think if there big chunks missing from the online version! :)


Well, Zoe, given your academic capabilities I reckon you could manage to come to grips with it, but be warned it is VERY expensive and VERY heavy.

I wouldn't reccomend it to everyone - you really need a bachelor or higher level universtiy degree to comprehend it (or at least the intellegence and patience of that level). 8)

Just the book for me. The University I graduated from has a copy. I think Ill try to obtain a copy. Thanks Zoi.
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