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dysautonomia and gastroparesis

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I have yet to be diagnosed with lupus but my reheum. checks me every year.I have been told I have fm/cfs.I have taken a perscription anti. inflam.. and it helped alot but due to the swelling in my ankles,feet and calves I had to stop taking it.

Now I am dealing with the dysatuonomia and gastroparesis.

I go the Chapel Hill, NC next week to see a specialist that treats dysatutonomia. I bet she will check me once again for lupus. Atleast I hope so. I have to wait so long to see my reheum. She stays booked up for months. It will have been ayear since I see her this coming MArch. She has me coming in every 6-8 months but when I called to make the appt. it was March before I could get in.

I know that the autonomic system can be impaired due to lupus.Anyone else have this problem or have the gastric emptying disorder gastroparesis?
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Hi Sheila,

I am sorry to hear you are dealing with two new things. I haven't had any experience with either thank goodness.

At the end of my doctor's visits they usually say when they want to see me back. On the way out I make an appointment with the receptionist so I am assured to be seen at the appropriate time. If that isn't possible I mark my calendar a couple of months ahead to remind me to call in.

Good luck with the specialist next week. Let us know how it goes.

Take care,
Hi Sheila,

I have been dealing with issues where my autonomic nervous system kicks into overdrive and then I get uncontrollable tremors. I have not had it happen in a while, THANK is very scary.

I have also had major issues with my stomach and intestines which they now believe is from vasculitis with the Lupus. I had a total gastrectomy (removal of my entire stomach) in July 2007.

Have they done a barium swallow test on you? If so, what did the results show? I wish you luck moving forward with your next appointment. Keep us posted as to how it goes.:wink2::wink2::wink2:
I had the barium test

It showed that my food was not being digested in the amount of time it should. Also I had an endoscopy that didn't show obstructions.

My GI dr. tried me on reglan to help move along digestion but I had a bad reaction to it. So now if I eat too mush I am in pain, have severe heartburn,relfux of food especially at night and some nausea. I do have medicine to help with the nausea.

Sorry about your stomach problems. It most be very hard for you.
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