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Felt it here, Karly!

I have been awake since about 4:40 Central time.

I awoke to feel and hear the ceilings, walls, my bed, and the metallic wall hanging above my bed shaking madly! I heard glass shattering....and a general clanking sound. Never been so scared in my life. I got up, went to the front door and looked out. Our dog Ira was huddled up by the front door and, for once, the annoying yip yapper was barkless.

I expected to see rain or lightning but nothing. So I went down the hall and back to my bed and put my hands on the wall decor to try to get it to stop shaking. Within a couple of seconds all was still except for me who was still shaking madly. I am guessing it lasted 30-40 seconds. At about this time, Devin burst out of his room and said "Mom! I think we just had an earthquake!" We walked back down the hall outside of Ross' bedroom where Ross lay with the covers pulled up to his chin and his eyes wide open. Ross reported "Maybe it was a giant elephant stomping his feet." LOL (Ross is my 18 yo son with autism).

No damage except a couple of pictures whose glass we heard breaking. About 20 minutes later the local news reported that the earthquake registered 5.4 on the Ricter scale--no known injuries. It was centered in West Salem IL--about 40 miles from Flat Rock where we live.

I have never been so scared in my life! IT was quite an experience.
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