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I am waiting for another EEG (been having them since I was 8 weeks old, so why this should be news worthy I have no idea !)

Anyway, I have been reading up about EEG's and found this small article which has useful basic information about interpretation of EEG's. Pg 2 is particularly interesting

I found it interesting as it explains my abnormalities - I have regular seizure activity, but I also have too many delta and theta waves when I am awake, and the activity on each side of my brain is not symmetrical (one side is slower than the other - can't remember which).

Anyway, just thought someone else out there may be interested



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Very interesting... I've had eegs before that were fine but I'm going in the hospital next week for a continuous eeg for a couple of days. I think it will show that I get brain slowing with my migraines which can be seizure like but we'll see. This is a great reference to help understand how the eeg works.

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