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:)ello im jane,
i have just in the last few weeks been told i have lupus.
ok now its taken me this long to find out about it and have just scraped the top of the barrel so far.
so glad theres somwere to go to find people and imfromation.
lots to take in. also finding it hard to know were to start??????????
would love to chat to alsorts of people to here others tails and effects from lupus as still learning

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Hello Jane and welcome!

As far as where to start, that depends on your mood and your quest. Do you have questions or do you just want to share a bit? The "living with lupus" forum is helpful and the "symptoms" category I found really useful when I was first diagnosed.

Be of good cheer as this forum community has many generous, helpful people and the moderators are professional and empathetic.

Best wishes,

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Hi Jane, just thought I would drop you a quick line to say hello. I got diagnosed in Nov 08 with MCTD.. Mixed Connective Tissue Disease which is a mixture of Lupus, schleroderma and goodness knows what else! I only joined this forum a week or so ago and am learning alot, not least that people are very supportive and recognise the various ailments associated with this disease, there is kindness, humour, empathy and good commonsense, advice, information and helpful tips, often someone posts a question and a variety of tried and tested answers are given, which is great or you to try out etc, we are all different and some things work for some and not for others, but by having an array of people and information hopefully you will find answers that suit you. I have just finished reading a book by Triona Holden involving Dr Graham Hughes called Talking about Lupus, which I have found helpful as an introduction....take care of yourself, no doubt talk to you again. :rolleyes:

X Claire
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