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Hi, I am new to the site. I am a 33year old female, residing in Kimberley South Africa. I have SLE for 1 year now and my life was nothing less than a battle. I would really like to stay in contact with other lupus sufferers, just for advice and guidance (i think that i know more about my lupus than what my GP knows!) It is not easy to live with lupus, so many changes and challenges. worst is in a country like South Africa - to avoid the sun!!
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Hi Elma and a big warm welcome to the boards!!

Yikes, avoiding the sun in SA must be soooo hard. I suppose you are used to the heat?

I'm 35 and have had lupus for a few years. I've been diagnosed just over a year now. There is a lot of experience, support and advice here on the boards and everyone here is very helpful whe you need them.

hope to hear more from you soon,
:welcome: Elma you will get a lot of support on this site if you have any questions there is allways someone that will get back to you.What medication are you on and how does your lupus affect you hope to see more posts from you :) Elisabeth
Hello elma!

welcome to the forum!:)

Gosh,how do you cope with the sun?...I am in the uk so I don't have to worry much about the sun :wink2: :)

I couldn't agree more regarding knowing more than the gp's....In fact I have learnt more from this forum than I could ever learn from the professionals....It also helps 'talking' to others who can truly empathise because they are going through the same thing!

how does your lupus affect you elma?

bye for now..karen x
Hello and welcome Elma. I was diagnosed a year ago too but have only just found this site...or maybe I didn't think I needed anything like this until now :) How are you day to day? Avoiding strong sunlight must be a toughie for you. I have trouble and I'm in the UK!

All the best, xx
Hello Elma, I am very sun sensitive,so I can sympathise.
You sound as if you are coping really well. A year after diagnosis is still quite soon for it all to sink in.
x Lola
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