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Hi Maria,

I'm sorry you are feeling rough. When you say you are having flare ups, what symptoms are you having? Do you only have discoid lesions, or other symptoms too?

Premenstrual exacerbations are pretty standard for lupus. I'm not so sure for discoid, but for systemic symtoms it is a classic hallmark of the disease that they get worse just beore a period.

I wonder if your dermatologist knows this? Do you see a rheumatologist as well? If you are having lots of problems, particuarly synptoms other than the discoid lesions, a rheumatologist may be the best one to take stock of where you are at and modify treatment.

Personally I've never seen an endocrinologist, but that says nothing...I've never been to Timbuktoo either:hehe:

Do you have to pay for your appointments and is it difficult to get specialist referals? You could always go and see if the endocrinologist can offer you anything. On the other hand, if you need to choose between a rheumy and an endo, I'd pick a rheumy if the problem is active lupus and you know the hormones are OK.

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