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Epratuzumab - good reports

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Sounds very interesting! Let's hope the good reports on epratuzumab last! :thumbs:

Thanks for posting the link Clare! :)


Thank You, for the interesting and very useful info. Very encouraging news.
I think this was the drug my consultant was talking about at my last appointment, it was along the lines that he didn't expect rituximab to be effective forever, but that there was this new drug that would be available in 12-18 months, and that he was hoping rituximab would do the necessary until then.

Good to have new and better stuff in the pipeline
Right now the drug is being tested in combination with Rituxan on Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Sjogren's and SLE patients.

Take care,
this is the humanized form of rituxan, which will be great for people like me who have severe allergy problems with rituxan. Personally I don't think it will be any better than rituxan, though of course it will be better for some.

just my take on it, it has been around for a while now, I am just waiting for it to become available where I live as it will hopefully be easier for me to tolerate.


Praps when I said 'better' I just meant different!

As I understand it the issue for myself, and certainly some others is that my 'b' cells are coming back quicker than they were, something to do with antibodies or HACA or some such creature. So the length between my rituxan treatments has gone from six to four monthly.

As I understand what he said there is the possiblity that rituximab will just stop being effective in depleting the 'b' cells, and that when they would switch to that if its available, and that that being 'different' would work which I guess would then make it 'better' :rotfl: but I guess they would use rituximab first or in cases like yours Raglet where there as such isssues with the infusion.
oh flutterbye, I wasn't responding to you - and yes I hope it will be better too! Actually I don't think I had even read your post - I just think some of the gloss has come off these new treatments now some of us have been on them for a while. I guess we all hope for too much with new treatments, then of course they don't deliver which is inevitable really.

just being my usual grumpy self ..... increasing the aresenal of drugs that can be used is always good


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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