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esophagas spasms and acid reflux

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:grhug:Hi everyone,
Has anyone heard of or ever had spasms in your esophagas? I've been having trouble swallowing food and felt like there was something stuck in my throat. At night I couldn't sleep because I felt like my throat was closing off and I couldn't breathe. I had to stay on a liquid diet because I was afraid to eat. Went to hospital and had endoscope and doctor told me I had bad acid reflux and spasms in my esophagas. He gave me a bunch of medicines. Its really scary thought I was going to die, couldn't breathe. I would appreciate any info on this. Is it related to lupus in any way?
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not nice is it, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! been there with the camera twice now, and it kicked of welll bad once when i wasin hospital, i thought i was gonna die, couldnt breathe,
felt like a brick comming up but stuck, didnt knowweather i was having some sort of attack, im off to see mr someone cant think of his name this month,
they want me to have a little op keyhole, as i am sick after meals,it flyes back, not always burning either.ihave small( h-hernia ) will go and see what he as to say. but gp thinks yes i shukd have it done but doesnt think im well enough to have it done yet.

if i find anything useful out will post let you know, good luck, Lin xx
Hi Diane,

Acid reflux from one of my medications did the same thing to me. I found drinking something warm before eating helped some. Now I am on medication and haven't had any more problems. I hope the medications do the trick for you.

Take care,
Hi, I also have had 3 endos. and dx with acid reflex. I take Prevacid. The past 2 months, I felt like something is stuck in my throat. Went to my GP twice and they treated me with anti-biotics as though I had a sore throat. Went back a third time and told them once again, it feels like something is stuck in my throat.Finally, they ordered an ultra sound and it showed a nodule growing on my thyroid. Having a biopsy this Tuesday. Sometime we just have to be very persistent to get the correct dx. I have had Lupus for 11 years. With all the meds. we take , it is no wonder we have stomach problems. Hope you feel better. Rosie
Yes, this sounds so very similar. I have had to have my throat dialated several times as I was having strictures which were making swallowing very difficult.
I have GERD as well. When I had the first endoscopy my GI doc quit counting ulcers when he hit 24. Those first pictures were incredible. Now, I have been ulcer free, using first prilosec then nexium, for about 15years. I have known a lot of sle people who battle these problems.
Good luck,
i hope your meds do help with me they havnt good luck xxx
esophagas spasms and acid reflux

Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for all your responses. Nice to know I'm not alone through all of this. Pretty scary. Hope pain in throat subsides soon. Still feels like something stuck in throat. About a month ago I swallowed a piece of plastic fork while eating lasagna. I was having some throat pain before that but nothing like i am now. Doctor said throat was clear. He also has me taking cardizem to relax throat, nexium, and prolisec. Nothing seems to help so far. Please keep me in your prayers as this is very stressful. I have been driving my husband crazy about this. God Bless and take care.:grhug: Diane
I hear you Diane. I have been having GERD problems and the symptoms you describe for a while now. I am on Nexium and it helps a little. I think I still have to tweak my diet and make sure I stay upright 2 hours after eating. That is hard because after supper all I want to do it lay down!!!

I hope things get better. Keep seeking answers.
Hi Diane,

You have been given good advice here. Try raising the head of your bed a little. I get spasms but not in my throat, mine are in the intestines. I take Baclofen which is a muscle relaxer but in pretty large doses and it helps with intestional spasms too.

I hope you get this under control. It is very scary when you can not breath.
Do you have any other auto immune diseases that may be causing this? Scleroderma? I hope you get it sorted out.
I have heard of it but do not think it is lupus related as do some other people that do have the same problem and they do not have lupus at all. It is very scarey, I hope you are feeling better soon and that the medicine helps. Did they say anything about there being and holes from the acid yet? If not that is a good thing for sure. Let us know how you are getting along please.
esophagus spasms and acid reflux

Hi everyone,
I am finally feeling much better. The medicine he gave is helping. But I can't eat like I used to. No chocolate, coffee, tomatoes, fried foods, fatty foods and no fruit juices. I'm still trying to figure out what I can eat. I'm so thankful that my throat was not messed up. I'm still having trouble sleeping. I almost choked to death the other night. I have lupus and fibromyalgia. I don't think I have sclerodoma. I really don't know what brought this on. I heard that the spasms cause chest pains and I've been having those for years. My throat has been bothering me for a while but just thought it was lupus related. I thank God I didn't have cancer. Thank you so much for all your responses and your prayers. :grhug: Diane
Hi Diane,

I am glad you are starting to see some improvement. In time you may be able to cheat occasionally with a few of the foods. Even if you can't, it beats choking.

Take care,
Thats great news Diane. I hope you continue to improve. Thats a very restricted diet so I can understand how tough it must be. I just wanted to say one thing though...

No Coffee!!! :eek::eek: I would be a basket case! :hugbetter: Still...I suppose if it does the trick...

Loads of hugs
Hi Diane,

I'm glad you are feeling a little better and I hope it continues to improve each day.

Unfortunately this is extremely common in Lupus patients, it can be due to the disease process itself and sometimes certain medications. Dr Wallace mentions it in his Lupus Book.

Here's a bit more info on it:

Lily thank you for sharing that information. It's Kind of scary to think how serious it can become.
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