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ESR/SED rate question

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Hi All,
Ijust wondered if anyone can tell me what the ESR measures, is it inflammation? if so, how high does it get before there's cause for concern?, mine has jumped from 8 to 17 in 3 weeks , i have also been reducing pred from 60mgs to 10mgs and am now on aza, any advice please
carol x
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Here they do not get concerned until it is above 20, and yes it is a sign of inflammation. Other labs/places will have a lower limit though so it's best to go by your own labs reference range when possible.
Yes, inflamation. I have a very high inflamation number, right now it's at about 110. It only measures up to 140 and I have been at that number in the past. I usually average closer to about 80, and those are in good times. If you are concerned about it going up, you should ask your dr. about it. good luck!
thamkyou both for your replies, i will certainly look into it, i have also noticed that my platelet count although still in range at 299 has gone up by 57 in the last week, is this normal?
Platelet amounts can vary considerably, and normal range is 150-400 for my lab. So you are well within range. Mine are normally in the low 200s to mid 200s ;)
My last ESR (sed rate) was 120 so I think your number is ok, yet clearly indicative of inflammation.

Maybe your numbers jumped because your tapering down on the steriods?

How do you feel?
My sed rate normally runs along at 40ish. Currently 24 surprisingly but I feel no better really.
Has been up to 105.
I suppose some of us will always have some abnormal results unless we reach Nirvana....oh sorry I mean remission:hehe:
My lab the normal range is (0-20) I have not had a normal sed rate since being diagnosed, I guess I have not reached Nirvana:lol:

try to tapper off your prednisone VERY VERY slowly. maybe 5 MG. per week. Dont jump the gun honey. have taken prednisone and medrol for 14 years. Just PLEASE use caution when comming off these tricky drugs!!!!!
thanks to you all, i have been tapering at 5mgs a week, but i just wondered if it was norm to jump by that amount in one week,am also starting to be sick, i thought it might be the aza but this is my 5th week and i thought if it was that i woudve felt it before now, i am so so tired like sleeping all day after school run till pick up then back in bed by 8pm till 7am but still feel tired! i cant live like this, i want my life back!!:worried::sad:
Hi Carol,

You may have reached the point where you need to taper your prednisone more slowly. Let your doctor know what has happened and see what he recommends.

Take care,
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