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I just wondered if anyone had any information on this drug. I just started. Evoxac. Hope you guys have a Happy New Year!!!!!

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Hi Katie,

Happy New Year to you too. I haven't taken it but found this for you:

Hi Katie

I take Evoxac for dry mouth from Sjogren's Syndrome. 30 mg/3 x a day. I can say it has definitely helped with the dry mouth and I can tell when it is near time to take my next dose. It increases saliva production basically. Some people alse experience increased sweating and possibly increased tear production although it hasn't been approved for dry eye. I had some increased sweating at first (I wasn't sure if it was the Evoxac, hormones, fever I was having issues with all of these at the time). I don't have problems with the sweating any longer now that I have been on it for over 2 years though. It can be a help if you have problems with dry mouth and issues that can go along with that (choking/swallowing problems, oral thrush, mouth ulcers, dental decay etc...)

hope this helps!

Hi Katie,

I take Evoxac for Sjogren's and it really helps me. I take 30mgs three times daily.

My mouth was so dry..I couldn't swallow food, before taking the med. my voice was hoarse all the time also.

I haven't noticed any side effects.

I hope it helps you as much. :)

Best Wishes,
I started Evoxac a few weeks ago too! I first took it at night and my saliva glands were swollen and sore in the morning (rheum said that isn't really a side effect). So I restarted 1 pill during the day to see how that works. I really love it, I want to add another pill at night now that I can tolerate it. I do have sweaty chills about 1 1/2 hr after I take it but that only lasts about 40 minutes, I don't have any stomach problems like I've heard others have. How is it working for you? Any side effects?
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