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EXTREME Hair Loss?????

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Hi Everyone,

Lately, probably the last 3+ months I have noticed that my hair has thinned all over my head and I know that a lot of us complain about this.

But, within the last 2 weeks the hair in my temple region has literally fallen out.:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

I am EXTREMELY CONCERNED and need to know if this is common or how many of you have had this happen as opposed to just thinning all over.

I think my balding is worse then my husbands now and I really don't know what to do. I was in tears this morning and I am NOT a vain person at all.:mad::mad::mad:
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Thanks Maja. I go back to my GI doctor Monday and will ask to write a blood script to check my nutrition levels. Your right it may be this too.

My hair is already short as I long horrible in long hair. I do have some hairs that are shorter then others yet hard to tell due to my hair being so short to begin with.

I really am very concerned about this issue. A wig is a good idea yet I cant see myself wearing one. It is so much hair loss so suddenly it is more then concerning.
Aggie69;528436 said:
I believe that dramatic hair loss at the temples can be a sign of low ferritin levels so it might be prudent to get this checked just to be sure.
Thanks Aggie. On Monday my GI doctor will write a script to check nutrition levels per Maia advice so I will ask her to add it to the list. Interestingly enough my last ferritin level was slightly low so maybe now it is very low and that may be the answer.

Anyway, Thanks so much for all of the replies here. I just love you all!!!:wink2:
Lily;528487 said:
With you Karol I agree it's worth checking for a nutritional cause first, but it may also be due to lupus activity. Which meds are you on right now?
Hi Lily,

I have looked into the meds I take to see if any of it can cause hair loss and really none of them do. It does say Plaquenil can and yet it also says that Plaq helps with re-growth so that is a contradiction in itself.

I am on Fentanyl patch for pain, Plaquenil 400mg daily, Nexium 120mg daily (triple doses) A Multi Vitamin and extra Vitamin D too. I just started taking Fish Oil and Flaxseed oil also.

This is what I take as I have boycotted most medicines for a lot of reasons. I am not on steriods and have not been for a long time.

My Rheumy doctor called this morning and told me 4 things cause drastic hair loss........Plaquenil, Steriods, Stress and Lupus.

Ummmmmm, well ok then there is my answer. I have 3 out of the 4!:(
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